300 Blankets is a group of volunteers that strive to make a significant difference to the lives of the most vulnerable people in our community. Through fundraising activities, our aim is to provide blankets for people living rough throughout the winter, and educate everyday Australians on the reality of homelessness.

The reality of homelessness

The plight of homeless people living on the streets is an issue many think is too complex to address and we are often left feeling helpless as to how we can make a difference. After several visits to emergency accommodation centres and speaking to staff, we uncovered these facts about homelessness:

  • Currently there are tens of thousands of homeless people living in Australia, with more than 15,000 in Victoria alone.
  • Homelessness can be caused by abusive households, addictions and mental illness.
  • There are many categories of homelessness – people residing with friends and relatives, people in emergency accommodation, and people living rough on the streets.
  • Homeless people suffer abuse, psychological illnesses, and are exposed to the physical hardship of living in the cold and rain.

So why 300 Blankets?

After several visits to emergency accommodation centres and speaking with those in the homeless community, we found that what was most urgently needed after food and water was something fundamental to human survival – warmth. Every night a single soup van would serve up to 300 people, distributing food and occasionally blankets. And while these charity organisations receive donations of blankets every year, there simply is never enough. Supplies are constantly running out leaving many people without adequate protection from the elements. With winter fast approaching, this is an issue of great urgency.

Therefore, we believe that with your generosity and support, we can make a significant difference that will directly improve the quality of life to those sleeping on the streets.